Ivanka’s Former Handler Predicted Donald Trump’s Daughter Will Turn On Him If He’s Jailed For Attacks On Women, Said She Will “Claim Victimhood Status Herself” And “Use It To Escape Justice”

That sounds about right.

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This entire country has known since the 80s that Donald Trump is a rapist. Over the years, we’ve heard him all but admit as much himself (i.e. the Access Hollywood tapes) and we’ve watched in horror as accusation after credible accusation came rolling in — and his successful attempt to weasel his way into the White House has done nothing to staunch them from pouring in. In fact, if anything, women have begun to speak up more and more, in an attempt to prevent him from successfully stealing yet another election and torturing this country beyond repair over the course of another four years.

We’ve heard from E. Jean Carroll after she bravely recounted the assault she experienced at the hands of the now-president. We’ve read the court documents from a then-13-year-old, telling of the horrors Donald Trump subjected her too with his old pal Jeffery Epstein. We’ve seen the reports from past pageant participants who recalled Donald Trump barging into their dressing room in an attempt to catch a glimpse as a young girl in the nude.

If you’re anything like me, these stories rattle in your brain and turn your stomach on end day in and day out.


And if you’re anything like me, they’ve left you wondering where Trump’s daughter Ivanka stands in the midst of it all.

Noel Casler, a prominent figure on Twitter these days, used to serve as Ivanka’s handler during their time on Donald’s show, The Apprentice. Over the course of the Trump presidency, Casler has dropped more than a few bombshell revelations on us regarding the current First Family — many of which have honed in on the nausea-inducing relationship between Donald Trump and his eldest daughter Ivanka.

However, I think it’s pretty safe to say that, if Casler is correct this time (as he often is) this is the biggest bombshell to drop yet.

As more and more light is very publicly shed on Trump’s long history of rape and sexual assault against women, Casler took to Twitter recently to share with us his theory regarding the eldest Trump daughter’s reaction should justice finally be served and her father ultimately made to pay the price for his crimes.

And if Casler is correct, daddy’s little princess won’t be wasting any time in turning on her father.

In his tweet, Casler acknowledges that Ivanka may very well have suffered similar abuse from her father, however, he seems to believe that Ivanka will use that, whether true or not, to keep her own ass out of hot water should the ball finally drop and land her dad in jail.

In a series of following tweets, Casler took a deeper dive into Ivanka and Donald’s past relationship and the depths to which Ivanka has allegedly been involved. And let me warn you. It’s a difficult read:


Casler ultimately offered up this final warning on the subject:

The fact of the matter is, there is no way to verify Casler’s theory until/unless we finally see Donald Trump brought to justice for his crimes.

But given what we know about this corrupt family as a whole, I can say without a shadow of a doubt in my mind — I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised.

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