Jared And Ivanka Reportedly Moved Their Children To A New School After Parents Complained About Them Not Following COVID Protocol

Why am I not surprised?

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It’s been made strikingly clear by Donald Trump himself that he’s never really had any intentions of following the guidelines and regulations set forth by health and medical professionals regarding the deadly virus that is still running absolutely rampant in this country. And now it seems that his children are certainly following their father’s lead.

Citing multiple sources, a report from the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) alleges that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump — the son-in-law and daughter of Donald Trump as well as advisors in his presidential administration — have pulled their children from their school and apparently reenrolled them somewhere else after parents at the school began to complain that the couple has not been adhering to coronavirus protocol.

The JTA writes that the Kushner kids were unenrolled from Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School in Washington, DC, just two weeks shy of Election Day, and then enrolled in Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy in Maryland.


Ivanka and Jared’s children have been students at Milton since the Kushner/Trump family moved to Washington on the heels of Donald’s presidential “win.”

A Milton representative told JTA that the Kushner children “withdrew from the school.” However, the publication spoke with three different parents who alleged that Ivanka and Jared pulled their kids out of Milton after various parents complained that the First Daughter and her husband would not follow coronavirus protocols that have been laid out by the school for the safety of their students and staff.

JTA was able to obtain a copy of those guidelines, in which the school asked that families “avoid hosting or attending large gatherings where proper social distancing measures are not feasible.”

Of course, over the course of this pandemic, both Ivanka and Jared have been busted multiple times refusing to adhere to or follow guidelines laid out by entities such as the CDC to prevent the virus’s spread.

One unnamed mother of a Milton child told JTA, “There was concern for the safety of children because it was very clear the Kushner parents were violating public health recommendations.”

One of Kushner’s close aides, Avi Berkowitz, told the publication that the stories alleging that the Kushner children’s departure from Milton was rooted in the couple’s refusal to follow guidelines were false, stating, “The Kushners protect the privacy of their children and won’t engage in idle gossip.”

You can read the full report here.

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