Jen Psaki Smacked Down A Ridiculous Question From Reporter With Brilliant Two-Word Response


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Today, the White House had to address the problem of the percentage of Republicans that refuse to believe that President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in both the popular and electoral vote. According to a CNN poll, 70 percent of Republicans say they do not think Biden won enough votes to be president. The individual responsible for that is none other than the former president, who even today ranted about the election simply because his narcissistic brain can’t handle the fact that he was rejected at the polls. I’m not going to link to that because he’s just a mentally ill man screaming at the sky with his fist in the air at this point.

According to the Washington Post, when a reporter asked about how the 70% of Republicans in question factor in with this  administration, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki just flat out said, “We don’t.”

“Our view is the election was certified and confirmed by election officials from both parties in every state. Court challenges were fully heard. Joe Biden is president for all Americans — no matter who they voted for,” she said.


“And so our focus is on continuing to plug away on pushing for policies that will help everyone. And through that work, we can rebuild trust in government,” Psaki continued.

She clarified her remarks on Twitter.

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Trump is still claiming without evidence that the election was “rigged,” and it’s almost as if he’s trying to incite a second insurrection. The facts are on Biden’s side on this one. Arizona Republicans are losing their minds and are attempting their third audit. It’s getting really old, so the Biden administration will forge ahead with helping the American people amid the pandemic that the former administration bungled.

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