Jen Psaki Wasn’t Here For New York Post Reporter’s Question Regarding Tara Reade

He should have known better.

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We here at Political Tribune have a whole lot of love for a whole lot of people within the Biden administration. Since the president’s inauguration, these people have worked double and triple time to pull this nation out of the deep, dark depravity that was the last four years under Donald Trump’s reign of terror. To say that we admire and appreciate every single one of them would be the understatement of a lifetime.

However, (and I think I speak for thousands of other people here, as well) if I personally had to choose one “favorite” member of President Biden’s team, hands down, my vote goes to his press secretary Jen Psaki.

Psaki came in on the heels of several long, terrible months during which the American people were forced to listen to the likes of Kayleigh McEnany. To say the very least, her position was less than respected by the time she took over. But with less than a year under her belt, there’s simply no denying that Jen’s out here killing it every day.


Each and every day, Psaki takes to that podium (left dusty and unused by Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Trump’s early days and defamed by McEnany in his later) and fills the White House Press Briefing Room with truth, facts, and grace — and she’s not about to let anyone screw that up.

If Biden’s press secretary is anything, she’s a spitfire. And in her short time in her position, she has proven over and over again to reporters from all walks of life and political affiliations that she will be taking exactly zero of their bullshit.

So, when one Conservative reporter attempted to pull out a downright ridiculous question for Jen, she made sure to remind him of just that.

One reporter from the New York Post brought up the recent sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and used that topic as an avenue to ask Psaki if President Biden supports an independent investigation into allegations made against him, including those by former Secret Service agent Tara Reade.

Psaki did not have time for his nonsense.

“The President has been clear and outspoken about the importance of women being respected and having their voices heard and being allowed to tell their stories and people treating them with respect,” Psaki powerfully responded. “That has long been his policy, continues to be his policy. That was heavily litigated during the campaign, I understand you’re eager to come back to it, but I don’t have anything further other than to repeat he has called for the governor to resign.”

Frankly, sir, you knew better.

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