Jim Acosta Gets Surrounded By Group Of CPAC Attendees That Chanted “CNN Sucks”

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The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that right-wing activists and elected officials attend is usually a sight to behold as it seems to draw the craziest speakers and attendees. Apparently, they are keeping up with that tradition this year, too. One speaker called the November presidential election “rigged,” and that big lie is what led to the Jan. 6 deadly insurrection. And then, of course, they attacked the press.

Former President Donald Trump spent his time in office demonizing the press. CNN’s Jim Acosta was one of the former president’s main targets, and the crowd at CPAC isn’t exactly fond of him, either. A MAGA-CPAC crowd surrounded Acosta on Friday at the gathering and began chanting, “CNN sucks!”

Bloomberg News’ William Turton posted the video of Acosta arriving at the event in Orlando, Florida, where attendees suddenly surrounded him.



In another clip, the crowd is seen taking photos of Acosta, and one woman can be heard saying, “Get him. Get him.”


Acosta is just doing his job. I wonder how that woman would feel if Acosta came to where she worked, surrounded her, then said, “Get her. Get her.” I don’t think that would go down very well. Just a hunch. On Friday, CPAC attendees also erupted after a speaker asked them to please wear their protective face masks. These people are children, you guys. We’re in the middle of a raging pandemic, and they are throwing fits over wearing a simple mask.

For his part, Acosta took the time to answer questions from attendees and other reporters on the scene and was apparently unfazed by the incident. It appears that the crowd is still defending the former president even after he incited the deadly insurrection, then got impeached for the second time. For someone that likes to play the strongman, Trump certainly expects to be defended. And on Jan. 6th, people died doing exactly that.

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