Jimmy Kimmel Cracked A Joke About Donald Trump, Took Eric Down With Him


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Look, we try really hard to keep it mature around here and make sure to report on the important facts in this nation to help keep our readers up to date and informed with all that’s going on in this nation. But sometimes we just can’t help it; we gotta indulge in a few jokes. And, let’s be honest, who’s better to joke about that ex-President Donald Trump. Frankly, he’s a really easy target, given all the ignorant nonsense he regularly pulls. And trust me, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Popular late-night host Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist himself during a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the heels of Donald Trump’s little blog bluster.

Earlier this week, we reported that Donald was shutting down his blog webpage just a month in, with reports indicating that he closed up shop on the whole thing because it wasn’t getting much attention at all.


Of course, Kimmel wasn’t about to let this slide without getting a joke or two in during his show. But the late-night host didn’t stop at mocking Donald Trump alone; he threw the biggest punchline at the ex-president’s middle son, Eric.

“[Donald Trump] was very excited about this blog for the first month after he was banned on Twitter, and now he’s just abandoning it,” Kimmel said on his show last night. “It’s a move he calls ‘The Eric.’”

“From now on, he’s just gonna write bitchy little notes on the dry-erase board at the Mar-a-Lago omelet station,” Kimmel added in his segment. “More people will see them.”

Like I said, we try to keep it mature around here but, look, that’s the best damn joke I’ve heard in a long time.

You can watch the segment of Kimmel’s show here:

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