John Bolton Has A New Book And It Will Reportedly Detail Trump’s Misconduct With Other Nations Besides Ukraine

That sound you hear is Trump's poll numbers taking another swan-dive into the ground after more of his corruption is revealed to the public.

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Former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s new book is set to be even more damaging to Donald Trump than previously thought.

As we all know, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives after it was revealed that he tried to extort Ukrainian officials to open a sham investigation into his political rival Joe Biden. Trump did this by freezing crucial military aid Congress had previously approved to help the country fight Russian aggression.

Trump then obstructed the investigation into his misconduct. Two articles of impeachment were produced and passed by the House, only for Senate Republicans to rig the trial that folowed in Trump’s favor.


Bolton, who was serving in the White House at the time Trump tried to extort Ukraine, kept copious notes. He not only used those notes to write a book about his time in the White House that included Trump’s corruption regarding Ukraine but also offered to testify in the Senate. Of course, Republicans never called him to testify during the trial because that would have made their effort to rig the trial more difficult.

All the while, Trump tried to block the publication of Bolton’s book, as Bolton wrote in an epilogue according to a report by Axios.

“As if impeachment were not enough, I also found myself confronting the daunting challenge of fighting an incumbent President determined to prevent publication of a book about my White House experiences,” Bolton wrote. “Trump behaved typically, directing the seizure and withholding of my advisors’ personal and other unclassified documents, despite numerous requests for their return; obstructing my Twitter account; and making outright threats of censorship. His reaction thus ranged from the mean-spirited to the constitutionally impermissible.”

Axios went on to report that there was apparently a lot more misconduct that Trump was desperate to hide from the public. A source told the publication on the condition of anonymity that Bolton will reveal “Trump misconduct with other countries.”

Bolton’s book also contends that the House should have broadened the scope of charges against Trump to include other transgressions.

There will be no more publishing delays of the book, which is scheduled to hit shelves on June 23rd — just months before Election Day. So, Americans and Congress will get a chance to learn about more of Trump’s misconduct and scandals, which could result in another impeachment. Or, at the very least, result in voters having even more reasons to vote him and his Republican allies out of office in November.

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