Journalists Rip Trump’s 12th Empty Official White House Schedule In The Past 16 Day As COVID-19 Infections Soar: “Who’s Staying In The Basement Now?”

What a disgrace.

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Donald Trump did announce on Twitter that there’s a “news conference today by lawyers on a very clear and viable path to victory” in the presidential election that he lost to President-elect Joe Biden. These days, Trump sightings are scarce following the election — and his schedule is pretty empty for a president whose legacy will include over two hundred and fifty thousand Americans dying on his watch. Once again, the president has no public events scheduled amid the raging pandemic.

And for a president with an unquenchable desire for praise and adulation, it’s unusual for Trump to be out of the spotlight. Journalists reacted in disbelief.


Biden campaign senior adviser Valerie Jarrett weighed in, too.

If any of us just stopped showing up for work, we’d be fired. Well, we did fire him when we cast our ballots, but at this point, Trump should step down now and let Pence handle the transition.

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