Judge Throws Out Trump Family’s Attempt To Block Niece’s Publication Of Tell-All Book

This fool is barking up the wrong tree.

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In the never-ending saga of Donald Trump versus the Rest of Humanity and All Common Decency in the Universe, the one thing we have come to be able to rely on is that if anything untoward is about to be reported about Trump, or his past, or his business dealings, or taxes or extramarital affairs or history of racism, there’s always a court challenge. Either Trump himself files an injunction, or he has a legal team do it, or some surrogate of his does it, but no matter what, there’s a threat of legal action attached to everything that could cast him in a negative light.

But this time around, in an attempt to stop the publication of the president’s niece Mary Trump’s tell-all book about him, Mary’s uncle Robert Trump filed a petition against her and her publisher, Simon and Schuster, in a New York court. And Robert Trump was no more successful than his brother Donald at stopping anything from coming out, because the judge just threw out the petition Thursday morning on the grounds that Bob was barking up the wrong tree.

The surrogate court judge presiding over the case told Robert Trump that his court had no jurisdiction, despite the fact that the angle Trump and his family have taken to try and stop the book from being published has centered on the estate of his late father Fred Trump, claiming that a non-disclosure agreement signed during probate of the late Trump’s will should provide injunctive relief in this case.


But the judge called the probate, which was finalized in 2001, “non-existent” legally since it has already been completed and closed.

It’s easy to see why the president and the members of his family that benefit from his presidency want to silence Mary — she knows where the skeletons are buried AND the book promises to be gripping, given that Mary has a Master’s in literature and a Ph.D. in psychology.

But why Trump didn’t just file the petition himself speaks volumes to how strong he thinks the case for stopping Mary is. Today the judge proved that.

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