Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Who Was A Pioneer For Gender Equality Has Died At The Age Of 87


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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the trailblazing feminist icon, has died at 87-years-old. The Supreme Court announced her death, saying the cause was complications from cancer. Ginsburg, a liberal hero to so many, was the subject of two recent films and countless memes. The now-late Supreme court Justice had been on the federal bench for decades. In 1993, she became the second woman ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

During her time on the bench, Ginsburg was consistent as a leading voice for gender equality, women’s interests, and civil rights and liberties. Ginsburg was surrounded by her family at her home in Washington, D.C., as she died due to complications of metastatic pancreas cancer.

The Twitterverse is grieving tonight.



Rest in power, legend. As for 2020, I hate you with a passion — with every fiber of my being. This year just so abusive. It just had to take another hero from us. There, I said it.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Wake Forest University of Law/Flickr

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