Kansas City Newspaper Appears To Urge Mike Pompeo To “Stay Away” From His Home State As Shameful Trump Administration Comes To A Close

Pompeo isn't welcome at home anymore.

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Many a member of the now shamed, embarrassing Trump administration are finding themselves coming to the sudden and startling realization that the last four years they spent devoted to this sham of a president has now cost them the rest of their political and likely personal lives.

Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, seems to be learning this lesson first hand as the Trump administration comes to a bitter, humiliating close and his adopted home state is going out of its way to let him know that they have no love left for him.

In an op-ed published as the House was impeaching Donald Trump for the second time now, the Kansas City Star argued that their state would be “much better” without Pompeo in it. They go on to say that America as a whole will be “better” once Trump’s Secretary of State is out of office, taking a hit at his “sad record” in the State Department, noting that Pompeo tried “his best to wreck” American foreign policy as Joe Biden’s inauguration came closer and closer.


“In about a week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s service will mercifully come to an end,” the Kansas publication wrote. “America will be better when he leaves office. Kansas will be much better if he decides to stay away from his adopted home state forever.”

The editorial board of the paper admonished Pompeo’s handling of the media, saying he has “fought free speech and the free press” since his first day as a member of the Trump administration, before turning to take aim at his foreign policy record.

“Kansans will do well to remember this sad record if Pompeo comes back and runs for office,” the Star wrote. “No doubt he’ll be asked about it, and he won’t respond well.”

Quite literally, so many of these individuals that willingly participated in four long years of torture against this nation will soon be lucky to land a gig flipping burgers in a truck stop.

You can read the full op-ed here.

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