Kayleigh McEnany Attacked The Biden Administration, Hilariously Claimed Trump Was More Consistent With Messaging

What a liar.

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Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany blamed the Biden administration for vaccine hesitancy when, in fact, polling shows that many Americans in conservative states remain deeply skeptical of the vaccine, with many of them vowing never to take it. President Joe Biden has been consistent in promoting the vaccine, while in contrast, former President Donald Trump got vaccinated in private. The twice-impeached one-term president held super-spreader events and danced to YMCA while Americans were dying. Trump mocked protective face masks and social distancing guidelines, Biden has been leading by example. Trump also lied to the American people about COVID-19. There really is no comparison — unless you’re McEnany.

“The biggest contributor to vaccine hesitancy is the Joe Biden administration,” McEnany said on Fox News. “This talk of mandates, Dr. Fauci being all over the map on masks – first it’s one, then it’s two, then it’s zero if you’re vaccinated, now we’re back to one – this contributes to people having distrust of the federal government.”

McEnany went on to say that  data on the Delta variant of the coronavirus was “leaked by the deep state and the CDC” and then somehow suggested that the Biden administration was interested only in “sacrificing our children at the altar of the teachers union.”

“They should be consistent but consistent with the science,” McEnany said, even though the Trump administration ignored the science.


Actually, if this country has a scary “deep state,” then maybe Trump supporters should move.  It’s kind of strange to stay in such a place if you really think that. President Joe Biden, unlike his predecessor, received the vaccine in public and on camera. Nearly half of House Republicans still won’t say publicly​ whether they are vaccinated against Covid-19, even as new cases are spiking. House Democrats have all been vaccinated. So, as usual, Kayleigh is just gaslighting us much in the same manner as when she worked for Trump as a paid liar.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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