Kayleigh McEnany Gets Raked Over The Coals After She Claimed “More Than One Million” Trump Supporters Showed Up In The Streets To Support The President

It's a super spreader event, but not that super Kayleigh.

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“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” This quote from Dancing With The Stars contestant and President Trump’s first White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer set the stage for the next four years. The lies we have had to endure from then on out have been non-stop and they didn’t get better with new press secretaries. In fact, they arguably got much worse. Kayleigh McEnany lies more vehemently than her predecessors, but I’d chalk that up to necessity, considering Donald Trump is cornered and lies are all he has to lean on. However, this latest lie from McEnany went above and beyond and reminded us how this all got started.

This Saturday, to the United States’ misfortune, an event of sorts was held called the “Million MAGA March”, which is sort of like if your sports team lost and you decided to all celebrate in the streets anyway, except somehow more stupid. I don’t think I have to inform you, but one million people did not show up for this asinine event. But that didn’t stop McEnany from repeating history:


Others weren’t so easily fooled either, she immediately faced ridicule on social media for this lie and they did not go easy:

It is very fitting that Trump’s presidency ends much like it began, with blatant lies about crowd sizes from a ditz.

And just for reference, here is the Woman’s March that was in protest of ole Donald:

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Chris Gifford