Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Appears To Take Direct Aim At Her Mom For Supporting Trump

When you've lost the respect of your kids, you have nothing left.

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Kellyanne Conway’s own daughter appeared to take a shot at her mom on Twitter in a message to women telling them that they must hate themselves if they still support Donald Trump.

Claudia Conway made a splash with her TikTok videos in support of “Black Lives Matter” that also demonstrated her disdain for Trump, whom her mom has been working for and defending for the last four years.

Kellyanne Conway has been lying to the media in defense of Trump since 2016 and has repeatedly violated the Hatch Act by campaigning for him in her official capacity, often by insisting that Trump works on behalf of women and has supposedly done much for them.


Well, her lies aren’t working on suburban women — and not even Claudia is buying it.

In a very recent Twitter post, Claudia Conway did what her father has been reluctant to do by seemingly calling out her mom for supporting Trump.

As a woman, this presumably includes Kellyanne. One Twitter user directly inquired whether 15-year-old Claudia was taking a shot at her mom.

And Claudia coyly replied.

Again, Kellyanne Conway is a woman who not only supports Trump, but she also sticks up for him on a daily basis regardless of what terrible things he has done. The fact that her daughter is now calling her out for it could be the final straw that forces Kellyanne to re-examine her continued support of him ahead of the election in November. Because once you’ve lost the respect of your children, you have nothing left.

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