Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Follows In Her Dad’s Footsteps, Appears To Be An Anti-Trump TikToker And People Have Thoughts: “Conway Family Dinners Must Be Fun”

Plot twist.

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In 2017, when Nordstrom stopped the sale of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, senior adviser to President Trump Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News and promoted the first daughter’s merchandise. Well, it’s 2020, and George and Kellyanne’s daughter, Claudia, has been encouraging people to leave one-star reviews on all of Trump’s restaurants, hotels, and golf courses, according to the New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz who posted tweets and videos from TikTok. And it makes it exceptionally hilarious since TikTokers helped to turn Trump’s Tulsa rally into a massive failure.

Claudia Conway – whose TikTok handle is @shortfakeblonde — complains about fans of the president inundating her comments with “Trump 2020!” messages. In another video, she appears to be a part of the “Save Barron 2020” movement. Claudia’s profile on TikTok reads, “It’s a great day to arrest Brett Hankinson, John Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove” in reference to the three police officers who are accused of shooting Breonna Taylor dead in March 2020.

The year 2020 keeps having plot twists.


Oh, and baby girl can dance.


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Kellyanne Conway’s daughter is a hardcore Black Lives Matter supporter, TikToker, and a liberal. And just like that, Kellyanne’s teenage daughter has more credibility than she does. Gen Z may save us yet.

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