Kentucky Republicans Appear To Take Steps To Take Away Democratic Win In Governor’s Election

They've already proven they'll cheat to win.

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If there’s one thing that Republicans hate, it’s a fair election.

That’s because the GOP knows that they’re just plain outnumbered across the country, even in some southern states and rural areas. They’ve done plenty to combat the fact that fewer and fewer voters identify as Republican every single year, including voter suppression tactics, purging voter rolls, and even gerrymandering their states so bad that they get statewide majorities even if Republican candidates get hundreds of thousands of votes fewer than the Democrats statewide — like what happened in Virginia a few years back (until the voters fixed that last night).

But I can honestly say I’ve never seen them just up and say they were going to take an election away from the winner because they didn’t like the outcome. In fact, it surprised me to find out that Kentucky Republicans could be poised to do exactly that, and legally.


After Democrat Andy Beshear won the gubernatorial election in Kentucky last night by a little over 5,000 votes, the sore loser outgoing Republican governor Matt Bevin refused to concede the race, saying it was too close to call — despite that being an unprecedented number of votes to make up in a recount in such a small state.

The Louisville Courier-Journal now reports that Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers, a Republican, has indicated the race may come before the Republican-controlled legislature, through a process of contesting the election. The last time that happened in Kentucky was more than a century ago, and by the time it was sorted out, it was too late: The Republican candidate had fatally shot the Democrat running against him.

Further, Stivers notes that the Libertarian candidate in the race accumulated about two percent of the vote — a fraction that Stivers says would have gone to Bevin, had the Libertarian not been running. Of course, that candidate WAS running, so we’re not quite sure what his point is there.

Regardless, any such action by Kentucky Republicans is likely to make its way up the court system, and potentially face massive public backlash. If Republicans think that impeachment is “overturning the will of the people,” they should study what “stealing an election” is viewed as.

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