Laura Ingraham Sent Texts On Jan. 6th To Meadows Pleading With Him To Get Trump To Stop The Attack –“This Will Hurt Us All,” But Then Went On Fox News And Tried To Pin Some Of The Blame On Antifa

Talk about a hypocrite.

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Yesterday, GOP House Rep. and Vice-Chair of the House Select Committee that’s investigating the events of the January 6th Capitol insurrection, Liz Cheney, absolutely murdered at least half of Donald Trump’s closest allies, some of him family members included when she reads texts send to Mark Meadows during the riot.

Speaking to the committee during the former Chief of Staff’s Contempt of Congress hearing, Cheney read aloud several messages that were reportedly sent to Mark Meadows as the then-president’s supporters were actively attacking the Capitol building, all of which included some variation of the senders begging Meadows to get Trump to make it stop.

Trump’s own eldest son, Don Jr., text his father’s Chief of Staff, begging, “We need an Oval Office address.”

“He’s got to condemn this sh*t ASAP. The Capitol Police tweet is not enough.”

Fox News talking head Brian Kilmeade threw his own messages into the mix, texting Meadows and pleading, “Please get him on TV.”

And then we have Laura Ingraham.

One of Fox’s biggest Trump sycophants herself found herself texting Trump’s then Chief of Staff, warning that Trump was actively “destroying his legacy” by staying silent on the violent Capitol attack. She reportedly told Meadows, “This will hurt us all.”

But Ingraham’s resistance to the Capitol attack as well as Donald Trump’s role in it was only voiced behind what she thought would remain closed doors.

When it came to the public eye, Ingraham was quick to sing a different tune. In true Republican fashion, never daring to criticize or condemn their Dear Leader in public in any way, Ingraham took to her Fox segment the very night of the violent Capital attack and proceeded to try to pin a good portion of the blame for the insurrection on ANTIFA.

The night of January 6th, just mere hours after the dust settled at the Capitol building, Ingraham welcomed a phone guest on her segment, who spent nearly two minutes lobbing thinly-veiled claims that it was, in fact, ANTIFA that came in and got violent as Congress tried to certify the Electoral College votes — all while Trump’s people were there simply to peacefully protest.

All the while, Ingraham was offering up agreeable “Mhm”s and “Yea”s as her phone guest rambled, placing the blame where Ingraham herself knew all along it did not belong.

You can watch the Fox clip here:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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