Lawmakers Get Into Shouting Match With Jim Jordan After He Throws A Temper Tantrum During Big Tech Hearing: “Put Your Mask On!”

This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

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Jim Jordan of Ohio is not a Republican known for being demure. Certainly not many members of the Trump-emboldened GOP are known for such a demeanor, but Jordan — widely reviled by the public for his involvement in a sex abuse coverup in the Ohio State University wrestling program — is head and shoulders above the rest for his ability to look like a massive tool every time a camera is pointed at him.

But today’s tech hearing on Capitol Hill, in which members of Congress had intended to grill CEOs of big tech firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple about seemingly monopolistic business practices, quickly turned into a showcase for Jordan’s antics as he attempted to recast the hearing as an interrogation about the supposed censoring of conservative voices on social media.

Long a boogeyman of the GOP, the allegation that platforms like Facebook and Twitter are silencing or “shadow-banning” prominent conservative commentators has been a flashpoint for Republicans eager to paint themselves as victims of the “liberal media” out to derail their careers.


Democratic lawmakers, however, were not having any of Jim Jordan’s bullshit today.

Jordan at one point used his time to question Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and its subsidiary, Google, as to whether his company intended to help presidential hopeful Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

The next questioner, Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon opened her segment by letting the tech CEOs present know that she didn’t intend to waste their time on “fringe conspiracy theories.”

Jordan immediately started shouting over her as America got used to watching him do during the impeachment hearings of Donald Trump. But the Democrats present — in control of the hearing because they hold the majority in the House — weren’t about to sit and watch Jordan melt down as usual. The Chair of the Committee, David Cicilline, who we all watched tear Bill Barr apart yesterday in a separate hearing on Capitol Hill, gaveled Jim Jordan and fellow Democratic committee member Jamie Raskin repeatedly shouted at Jordan, “Put your mask on!”

Watch the pathetic outburst from Jordan and the hilarious pushback from Democrats:

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