Legal Analyst Predicts Trump’s Case Won’t Go In The Direction We Think And People Are P*ssed

He can't be serious.

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Daniel Goldman, an attorney who played key legal roles in both impeachments of former President Donald Trump, brought some gloom and doom on the rest of us after the Trump Organization as well as Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg were charged by the Manhattan D.A’s office with a list of tax crimes. On Thursday, prosecutors charged the Trump Organization and Trump Payroll Corporation with 10 counts, and Weisselberg was hit with 15 felony counts connected with an alleged scheme stretching back to 2005. Weisselberg’s charges include one for grand larceny.

According to Mediate, Goldman said that Weisselberg, 73,  is “not facing that much jail time,” and he added, “I don’t think there’s any more pressure to add to him based on the fact that he was in handcuffs today. He knew that was coming. He made that conscious decision to get arrested and get indicted rather than cooperate.”

Even if he’s facing only 5 years, though, he would be 78 when he gets out of prison. He could literally die in prison.

At any rate, Gouldman added, “And so I don’t think we have any good reason to suspect that he is going to cooperate down the road. So I don’t see why there would be additional charges against the Trump Organization unless new evidence comes in.”

Well, Andrew Weissmann, who was part of Robert Mueller’s team, disagrees, calling the charges the “tip of the iceberg.”

Twitter users agree.

“Juries hate rich tax cheats, Bharara tweeted. Yeah, because juries are made up of people just like you and me and not filled with wealthy dudes that cheat on their taxes, with the rest of us sometimes paying more in taxes than they do.

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