Lev Parnas’ Lawyer Put Out Video Of Trump With His Client At Mar-A-Lago After POTUS Said “I Don’t Know Him At All”

Looks like someone kept their receipts!

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When it comes to his numerous associations with unsavory people, Trump has one habit, in particular, that he always seems to fall back on every single time those pesky little relationships inevitably comes back to bite him in the ass — he denies ever having known, spoken to, or even heard of the person in question.

It’s precisely what he did when the Jeffrey Epstein scandal broke and it was revealed that the billionaire who had already served time for previous sexual acts with children was, lo and behold, at it again. Despite numerous pieces of proof otherwise, including not only photographs of the two together but uncovered lawsuits alleging that Trump actually participated in many of these disgusting acts with the now-deceased child rapist as well, Donald continued to spout to the media that he had nary a clue who Jeffrey Epstein was.

He took the same tactic during his recent NATO trips towards Prince Andrew, who has been heavily implicated in the Epstein scandal, claiming that he’d had no personal relationship with the royal and barely knew the man more than just in passing, to which his own beloved Fox News Network busted him by airing a photograph of the two together.


It’s the same thing he’s done with regards to numerous people throughout the years when a relationship no longer serves him or it implicates him in some sort of crime or form of fuckery.

Unsurprisingly so, it’s the very same tactic he’s using now that former Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas is singing like a bird.

As we all expected, Trump wasted absolutely no time in denying any knowledge of or relationship with Parnas in a presser today, alleging that he’d never so much as spoken to the man.

“I don’t know him,” Trump declared of Parnas, “I don’t know him at all,” before saying that he possibly could have taken a photo with him, “which I do with thousands of people, including people today that I didn’t meet.”

He then went on to label the Parnas allegations as “a big hoax” and stated that he has no recollection of ever even speaking to the former associate of his personal attorney.

But here’s the thing — Trump is just as big a liar now as he’s always been. He knew Parnas. Well. He knows that. We know that. Parnas knows that.

And guess who else knows that? Parnas’ attorney.

It appears that the lawyer of the former Rudy henchman has absolutely no intention of letting the “president” get away with yet another bullshit lie.

So, he took to his Twitter account shortly after Trump’s false declaration with a handy little video of Donald Trump deep in conversation with none other than Lev Parnas himself, set to Janet Jackson’s hit “Together Again” no less:

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This one’s not gonna just slip on by like most of the rest, Donnie. Parnas kept his receipts.

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