Lindsey Graham Accused Of Throwing His Own Family Under The Bus While Bashing Unemployment During Hearing

The man has no shame.

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If you ask me, there really aren’t any GOPers that I find impressive. I mean, you have those like Liz Cheney who at least stand up for what’s right in the direst of situations, but let’s be honest, they’re doing the bare minimum there. At the end of the day, they’re still a Republican with Republican “values,” such as anti-abortion and anti-women’s rights platforms.

However, I will be the first to admit that some of them most certainly have more redeeming qualities than others.

And then you have Lindsey Graham. Waaaaaaay down there at the bottom of the GOP scum totem pole.


There simply are no redeeming qualities for someone like Graham; he’s just garbage. And frankly, I think he knows it and just doesn’t really care. Otherwise, he certainly wouldn’t have the gumption to pull stunts like this one.

Today, there was yet another hearing on unemployment benefits in this country, amid the still raging pandemic. And once again, Lindsey Graham reminded us why it’s unlikely that his own mother even loves him, when he allegedly threw his own family under the bus in an effort to make a point, according to Bloomberg Congressional reporter Erik Wasson.

Sen. @LindseyGrahamSCat hearing says members of his own family are refusing to work because they get more generous unemployment benefits than they can make at their jobs,” Wasson wrote on Twitter today.

As you’d expect, no one was impressed with Graham’s stunt:

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Trust me, that wasn’t quite the blistering own you thought it was, buddy.

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