Lindsey Graham Caught Lying During Hearing After He Claims FBI Was “Able To Stop” Russian Interference Against Clinton Campaign

Busted immediately.

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Lindsey Graham, the Republican Senator from South Carolina that many have taken to calling “Lapdog Lindsey,” unleashed a whopper of a defense of the President this morning during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee — of which he is the chair.

There is plenty of speculation as to why Graham has flipped entirely on his rhetoric during Trump’s campaign for the presidency, during which he regularly, repeatedly insulted and even laughed at Trump. He now seems to focus all of his efforts in the Senate on keeping Trump in power as long as possible and excusing everything Trump does with wild and outlandish defenses.

The purpose of the hearing this morning is, of course, to try and pick apart the very investigation that Trump and the GOP called for by the Inspector General of the DOJ into the origins of the Russia investigation by the FBI. Unfortunately for the Republicans, IG Michael Horowitz’ report did not produce the results they expected — or perhaps they expected Horowitz to deliver partisan results.


Either way, the report shows that while there was some political bias inside the FBI — both for and against Trump — it did not affect the FBI’s Russia investigation in any way.

Trump, Graham, and the rest of the conservative establishment are up in arms, and Lindsey especially, since he’s made so many public statements that the IG report has now contravened. But that’s no excuse to just start lying about recorded history. Revisionism is for those in history who have lost, and Graham actually seems to have lost it:

Of course, the FBI was NOT able to stop any such thing, as Russia hacked Secretary Clinton’s email server just 5 hours after Trump called on them to do so. Then Russia strategically, and in coordination with WikiLeaks and Roger Stone, released the information they dug up in a concerted effort to negatively affect her campaign, and did so right up until November of that year.

Graham knows this because literally every person in America who hasn’t been pulling a Rip Van Winkle for the last 3 years knows it. He might as well have said that Clinton outright won the election.

Oh, wait.

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