Lindsey Graham Hints At The Possibility That Biden Won’t Get To Be President Because Tax Investigation Into His Son, Hunter

That's not how it works, Linds.

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested in an interview on Fox & Friends on Tuesday that Joe Biden won’t become president because of the ongoing tax investigation into his son, Hunter. Unsurprisingly, Lindsey didn’t mention anything about Trump’s adult children, though. Graham was asked on the one-time Trump-friendly network about outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr’s announcement on Monday that he has “no plan” to launch a special counsel for the Hunter tax probe. Barr also said that he would not name a special counsel to investigate Trump’s wild-eyed claims of widespread voter fraud.

Graham said that he disagreed with the outgoing Attorney General’s decision against a special counsel, then targeted Hunter Biden over his foreign business dealings. And we need to remember that Hunter isn’t an elected official, but Lindsey knows that. Hunter isn’t going to be a part of his father’s administration like Trump’s spawn is a part of this president’s administration.

The denial is strong in Lindsey Graham.


“I want somebody to look at all the overseas activity of Hunter Biden, see if this compromised the foreign policy of President Biden — if he gets to be president — and the guy in Delaware doesn’t have that mandate,” he falsely said. “So I respectfully disagree. If it were up to me, I would take the U.S. Attorney in Delaware and give him the entire Hunter Biden portfolio so he could look at everything Hunter Biden did throughout the world, which is pretty massive, industrial-sized influence peddling. I think we need a special counsel because I worry that what Hunter Biden did may have compromised our ability to effectively wage foreign policy.”

The part where Lindsey says, “If he gets to be president,” sticks out:

He doesn’t seem to realize that it’s over:

Biden has already won in both the popular and electoral vote. Trump was soundly defeated, and that gives Biden a mandate. That’s a fact, and the election will not be overturned. Hopefully, one day we’ll find out what they have on Lindsey Graham since he’s willing to tear at the fabric of our democracy for a careless and fatuous president that is attempting a coup.

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