Lindsey Graham Takes To Twitter Seemingly Desperate To Save Trump From Impeachment

What a crybaby.

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Last night, after his involuntary 12-hour hiatus from Twitter, Donald Trump finally hopped back on the social media platform, with the first thing he posted being a video message of himself delivering the closest thing we will ever get to a concession speech from that asshole. Trump’s temporary Twitter ban and subsequent little speech came on the heels of the most massive civil unrest we’ve seen in some time — after a countless number of his supporters quite literally, violently stormed and temporarily overthrew this nation’s Capitol building.

Everyone and their brother knows the hand that Donald Trump played in the destruction and mayhem that was brought down on the People’s House earlier this week. Despite his watery, milquetoast attempts at “calming” the violence by telling these insurrectionists that they’re special and he loves them but they should go home, it’s a well-known fact that Trump stoked the flames that started this fire by shamelessly pushing baseless conspiracies and even encouraging his people to show up at the January 6th protest against Congress’ certification of the Electoral College vote. And while the situation was ultimately able to be diffused, it wasn’t until after a shelter in place, mass evacuation, and insurmountable damage done to the building and our democracy. And Donald Trump should have to atone for what he has done.

Even since the breach of the Capitol building and Donald’s subsequent lack of a response, key members of the United States government have called this the final straw — either Mike Pence needs to invoke the 25th Amendment or Democrats are out for the sort of blood we call impeachment.

And wouldn’t you know it, Southern-fried chicken shit himself, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, really… really doesn’t want them to do that.

While several GOP members have publicly denounced Trump’s behavior, with some even going so far as to resign from their positions in protest, Lindsey Graham has remained the spineless jellyfish has always been and will always be.

Yesterday evening, in a press briefing, Graham heaped the praises upon Donald Trump, to the point that a reporter called him out on it. And now, Graham is taking to his social media platform with apparent pleas to the Democrat party — don’t impeach his guy. Again.

In what was a clearly desperate attempt to call on Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the whole of the Democratic party to just leave his guy alone, Graham posted the following thread to Twitter:

NASA called, buddy, they can see your desperation from space. Shut up while you’re ahead.

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