Lindsey Graham Tweets Video Of Himself Using AR-15 Style Rifle To Defend Ownership Of Weapon

Good grief, dude. No one's coming for your play toys.

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, mass shooters are out in droves once again as the country begins to open back up from the coronavirus pandemic. And, with that comes droves of Republican assholes screaming, “Don’t take my guns, I don’t care how many people died!”

Leading that charge here lately has been none other than South Carolina’s own southern fried chicken shit, Senator Lindsey Graham — whose social media posts these past few weeks have been chock full of nothing but gripes about our southern border and guns.

As part of his effort to ensure his life isn’t made even slightly uncomfortable, even if it means saving lives and protecting children, the GOP senator took to his Twitter today with what appeared to be a PR video. In the short clip, Graham is seen firing an AR-15 style rifle to show his opposition to an assault weapon ban.


“In 1994, there was an Assault Weapons Ban – the evidence indicates that there was really no change at all in crime, because the crooks are going to get a gun!” Graham captioned the clip. “Today at @PalmettoArmory I fired one of the weapons they are trying to ban.”

Evidence is actually inconclusive regarding the 1994 assault weapons ban that Graham references in his tweet. The ban was in place for a decade before it expired and it’s unclear whether or not it significantly impacted crime rates in general, as they were already on the decline at the time due to varying factors. However, according to a report from the Washington Post, one specific subset of crime did appear to have significantly declined thanks to the ban: MASS SHOOTINGS. 

Two gun bills were recently passed in the House: one that would expand background checks to certain private purchases and one that would serve to close the loophole that has allowed criminals to purchase a firearm should their background check not come back in time. Both of these bills have faced unsurprising challenges in the Senate.

However, what these bills do not include is any sort of bans on assault-style weapons like the AR-15 type rifle that Graham is using in his photo-op — though there has been a renewed push after the Boulder and Atlanta shootings.

Once again, these people are just scaremongering.

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