Listen To Trump Seemingly Try To Goad Netanyahu Into Echoing His Attacks On “Sleepy Joe” During Call

What a clown.

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During a phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump tried to demean Democratic nominee Joe Biden to the Israeli leader. Bibi and Trump — both corrupt politicians — had a good relationship, but even Netanyahu must realize that there’s a good chance that this president won’t be reelected. Israel’s Prime Minister knows that he might have to deal with Biden if the Democratic nominee secures the election,  so he’s not going to play a juvenile game with Trump.

Trump was heard taking a dig at Joe Biden by saying, “Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal, Bibi?”

“Uh… one thing I can tell you is we appreciate the help for peace from anyone in America,” Netanyahu replied.



According to The Times Of Israel, PLO official Wasel Abu Youssef called the agreement “a new stab in the back for the Palestinians,” while Hamas called it a “step in the wrong direction.”

Trump always feels the need to take credit, even if this president had nothing to do with the outcome. Trump seeks adoration and praise as if it feeds him to keep him alive.  Trump acts as if Biden is an ex of his that jilted him in the fifth grade — something he’s never been able to get over — an unrequited love of sorts.

And it was as if Netanyahu has been watching the poll numbers, as chances for Trump being reelected grow dimmer by the day, even in battleground states the president won over Hillary Clinton in 2016. The only thing Trump has left is his rallies, but the attendees aren’t voters on the fence. Trump supporters have already made up their minds, and independents and undecided voters aren’t going to be swayed just because the president has assigned a nickname to his opponent.

The world has been laughing at this president, and we’re sure Bibi snickers privately. Certainly, Vladimir Putin does. We can laugh in November when Trump walks to the helicopter from the White House in disgrace.

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592 points