Man Who Keeps Hanging “Trump Won” Banners At Baseball Games Bizarrely Claims That Donald Trump And Don Jr. Told Him To Do It


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Trump supporters have always been into hanging banners on their homes or trucks. In contrast, Biden supporters don’t feel a need to idolize the president. Likewise, Biden doesn’t need to be constantly praised to feed his ego. The twice-impeached one-term president is a raging narcissist that seeks adulation, and his supporters are happy to oblige. Case in point, there’s Dion Cini, the man who keeps hanging “Trump Won” banners at MLB stadiums and getting ejected from the venues, according to Insider.

And there’s a twist to this. Cini claims that Donald Trump told him to unfurl the banners. According to the report, Cini said he originally hung a “Trump 2020” banner at Yankee Stadium in July 2018. Following that,  the former president praised him, and Cini said that Trump has reached out to him multiple times since then to thank him and encourage him to keep doing it.

“After I did Yankee Stadium three years ago, which is Trump’s favorite stadium, he called, and he tweeted, and he Instagrammed, and he said, ‘Thank you, please don’t stop,'” Cini told Insider. “I’ve interacted with the Trump family multiple times. I’m not directly part of the Trump Organization, but they know who I am, they know what I’m doing, and they like it.”


That’s a lot to unpack, and the outlet reports that “Trump and Donald Trump Jr. each made public Instagram posts thanking Cini for his banner stunt in 2018.”

Cini unfurled a banner at Yankee Stadium on May 27 and was promptly booed by attendees, then escorted out by security and police. He was then released and given back the banner that displays Trump’s big lie.

“Cini has also hung “Trump Won” banners at Citi Field in New York, Fenway Park in Boston, and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia,” the report states. “Cini was ejected each time but never arrested.”

“The way that I’m treated at every stadium, and almost everywhere I go with the flags by police officers is politely, handshakes,” Cini told the outlet. “The police respect what I do. I don’t know what their political opinions are, nor do I care.”

His Twitter account is insane.

Here is Cini pulling the stunt at Citi Field:

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The problem here is that Cini is lying. Trump did not win. He lost handily to Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote. So Trump fed his lie to his supporters, and that’s what prompted the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection. There’s something seriously wrong with the former president and his supporters that refuse to accept reality.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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