Mar-a-Lago’s Home Town Newspaper Endorses Biden For President

Maybe he will move out of Mar-a-Lago after the election, perhaps someplace more confined.

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Florida is always a hard-fought and extremely valuable battleground state in the United States presidential election and this year is no different. Trump barely eeked out a win in the purple state against Hillary in 2016 winning by just 1.2 percent — and thanks to the winner-takes-all approach we use with the electoral college, Donald Trump picked up all 29 electoral votes from the state.

This upcoming election, though, there is ample and increasing evidence to show that Trump isn’t going to have such an easy time in the state, and this is even after he changed his residency to FL from New York. It is speculated that Trump, someone who has claimed residency in New York City all of his life, up and changed for legal reasons but perhaps he just wanted to move to his Mar-a-Lago club and be “from” a state where he is much more welcome. In 2016 Hillary won Trump’s home state of New York by almost double and it is no secret that the city does not particularly like him.

Unfortunately for Trump, his dream of winning a state he lives in might be far-fetched as the Palm Beach Post has recently announced their endorsement for Joe Biden. In a strong condemnation for Trump, Rick Christie, Editorial Page Editor of the post said about their decision to endorse Biden:


If we are going to somehow heal enough, that we can all move things forward, that we can’t do it under the leadership we have now or should I say the lack of leadership we have now. We need somebody whether we agree with him on everything or not, that we need someone who can bring us together to talk at least, and heal our wounds so we can move forward as a country.”

These are strong words coming from the editor of your hometown newspaper. With that being said, the Palm Beach Post‘s statement as a whole was even more concise and hard-hitting.

“We have had nearly four years of nonstop crises, most of it manufactured by the man in the White House — a man who, when faced with a real crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, has failed miserably. The more than 212,000 dead on Donald Trump’s watch will blot the history of this presidency forever,” the Post endorsement declared, potentially becoming the final nail in the coffin for Trump’s chances of winning Florida.

Featured image via Flickr/White House, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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Chris Gifford