Marjorie Taylor Greene Seems To Have Another Paranoid Moment When She Thinks The NYT Is Working With Twitter To Get Her Banned – And People Think It’s Hilarious

Nurse, she's off her meds again!

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On Thursday, Georgie Republican Rep. Marjorie Three Names unleashed a paranoid tweet suggesting that the New York Times is collaborating with Twitter to get her banned from the behemoth social site. To be part of the Republican party these days, you have to see a conspiracy behind everything — And everyone is out to get you. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted out a screen capture of an email from Davey Alba, a technology reporter at the New York Times who covers disinformation.

Alba referred to a previous tweet of Greene’s in which she railed against vaccine mandates by claiming that she talked to women who miscarried after taking the COVID vaccine. That anti-vax talking point has been debunked, by the way.

Twitter is likely to take enforcement action on Ms. Greene’s account for coronavirus information,” Ms. Alba wrote in the email. “It would be her fourth strike, meaning she would have one strike to go before potentially being permanently suspended from the platform. Would Ms. Greene want to respond to this in a statement?”


Greene went off over the email.

“How would the @nytimes know that my @Twitter account is about to be suspended?” Greene tweeted. “My account is NOT suspended. What kind of relationship does the NYT and Twitter have? Do they coordinate suspending people like me and news stories? Is someone paying for that? Why?”

Twitter users took Greene to school.

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What an absolute walnut.

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