Marjorie Taylor Greene Sent Out Seemingly Panicked Tweet After Polling GOP Voters: “This Is Wrong”

Worried, Marjorie?

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Georgia Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene is pretty infamous for not only peddling every lie and conspiracy theory ex-President Donald Trump spews forth from his foamy orange mouth, but actually taking it a step further with her own baseless, nutty theories and mistruths that are so off the wall not even the craziest of Republicans can usually get behind them.

However, it seems there is one talking point that the two aren’t quite seeing eye to eye on — and it appears that it’s making Greene a bit panicky.

Recently, the GOP’s biggest embarrassment polled some voters in her state of Georgia and was rather discomforted to find that around 4 percent of them say they “won’t vote” in upcoming elections, due to the very “fraud” that she and Donald Trump have been yelling about for nearly a year now.


“I recently conducted a poll on Georgia’s elections and if my constituents felt their votes would count during a teletown hall,” Greene recently posted to Twitter. “Sadly, 4% said they won’t even vote due to voter fraud. This is WRONG. Legal votes by Rs are just as important as stopping illegal ones.”

Greene herself has perpetuated the election fraud lies and conspiracy theories, but it seems she’s only supportive of them when it’s not potentially affecting her directly — such as claiming without evidence that Trump “won” the state of Georgia, and throwing her support behind the GOP-backed Maricopa County recount, which ultimately just found that President Biden won the area by an even bigger margin than originally reported.

Now, while Marjorie seems to have her panicked panties on over the idea that some Republicans may sit out on their Constitutional rights based on the lies perpetuated by Greene and others, Trump himself didn’t seem so pressed about the matter — even going so far as to seemingly support the notion of Republicans sitting out their votes “if we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020.”

In the 2020 House election, Greene defeated her opponent by a 50 percent margin, so it’s frankly unlikely that she would lose her position, even if that 4 percent of voters did sit the next election out. However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping her from freaking out over the mere idea of it.

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