Mary Trump Makes A Prediction On What’s In Her Uncle’s Tax Returns: “Donald Has Been Playing Fast And Loose With His Taxes For Decades”

This could be a really big deal.

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Former President Donald Trump had himself a not-so-great day yesterday after he was handed yet another massive loss in his fight against releasing his tax returns when a Supreme Court judged ruled that accountants would be required to hand over all documents regarding Donald’s taxes and finances to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Vance is currently neck-deep in an investigation against Trump, surrounding various financial schemes as well as the $130,000 hush-money payments that were made to his former mistress Stormy Daniels via his former personal attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, who has been readily cooperating with investigators.

Since the brutal ruling came down on Trump’s head, multiple people have come forward, saying that Trump’s tax returns will only be the beginning. And it seems that his own niece agrees.

Speaking on a segment with CNN’s Chris Cuomo last night, Mary Trump said that this investigation into her uncle will divulge an onslaught of truths about the former president and ultimately reveal that the so-called billionaire has “never made any money.”


Mary stated that she expects the Supreme Court decision to pave the way for prosecutors in New York City to also obtain her uncle’s tax returns and financial records in connection to their own criminal investigation into Trump that has been a “long time coming.”

She also told Cuomo that she believes the tax returns will ultimately make several revelations.

“Firstly, he has never made any money, and every penny Donald has was really my grandfather’s initially. Secondly, he’s going to be shown to have been somebody who gave zero to charitable causes… and the most important one is that he has most likely has been committing tax fraud for decades,” Mary said. “It’s a huge victory for the supreme court to have cleared the way for New York state to get access to Donald’s tax returns because it’s a long-time coming. He should have faced accountability a long time ago.”

“The Republican party is going to do absolutely nothing to contain Donald, and they’re just going to allow him to continue to be the head of their increasingly anti-democratic party that’s perfectly comfortable engaging in tactics to stay in power illegitimately,” she added.

The Supreme Court ruling was a major blow to Trump’s long-standing fight to keep his tax returns and financial details hidden, after spending the past several years claiming to be “under audit” as an excuse for why he refused to release the documents despite multiple campaign promises and promises throughout his term to do so. While this ruling likely still won’t give the public access to Trump’s financial information, it will give access to a grand jury investigation that could make a whole lot of trouble for the former president.

“There is no reason to believe that he actually has been under audit for decades. But that aside, it doesn’t matter what he says. Because the IRS knows the truth, and pretty soon the New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance and the Attorney General of New York Letitia James will have access to those documents,” Mary Trump said. “Donald has been playing fast and loose with his taxes for decades, and it’s about time the American people have access to exactly what has been going on, and most likely has continued going on. Because let’s face it, this is a very longstanding pattern.”

Unsurprisingly, Trump was quick to fire back over the Supreme Court ruling via a statement from his “official” office, in which spent 400 words ranting about Russia and whining about how unfairly he’s treated.

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