Mary Trump Recalls Visiting Her Uncle Three Months After His Inauguration: He “Already Seemed Very Strained By The Pressures. He Seems Like This Is Not What He Signed Up For”

I'm sure Donald will take this well.

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Donald Trump was dealt a blow after a judge in New York lifted the temporary restraining order on the president’s niece Mary Trump, allowing her to speak freely ahead of the upcoming publication of her tell-all book — and girlfriend is talking. Mary Trump’s book details quite a lot about her uncle’s life and his father, Fred, who emotionally tortured his sons. Trump’s book is already the number one bestseller, and it was just released today.

ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos interviewed Mary Trump, and she had a message for her uncle: “Resign.”

“If you’re in the Oval Office today, what would you say to him?” Stephanopoulos asked her in an exclusive interview.


“Resign,” Mary Trump responded.

She said that her uncle was destined to become a man “utterly incapable of leading this country, and it’s dangerous to allow him to do so” after being “perverted” by the family’s “issues.

“I saw firsthand what focusing on the wrong things, elevating the wrong people can do – the collateral damage that can be created by allowing somebody to live their lives without accountability,” she said. “And it is striking to see that continuing now on a much grander scale.”

Mary Trump then recalled visiting with her uncle in the Oval Office just three months after he was inaugurated, and described the president as “tired.”

“He already seemed very strained by the pressures … and I just remember thinking, ‘He seems tired. He seems like this is not what he signed up for,'” she said.


Donald Trump tried to silence his niece, and interestingly, it was in the same manner that the president has hushed-up women that he’s been involved with sexually. Mr. Trump isn’t fond of women and seems to need to control them. Mary Trump’s book is an eye-opener to a narcissistic mind — and how that unstable monster was created, then unleashed upon the world after his supporters attached themselves to him after he offered empty promises as they claimed to have felt forgotten.

Now, excuse me, please. I have a book to read.

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