Matt Gaetz Claims He “Wasn’t Paying Attention” When Dem Called Him Out In Hearing, Even Though Video Appears To Show Him Upset

Nice try, Gaetz.

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Round after round of debate on articles of impeachment are taking place as we speak, this time before the House Judiciary Committee after the House Intelligence Committee wrapped up their portion of the proceedings and sealed the deal on their end with a rather damning report of their findings.

Frankly, none of it has gone well for Donald Trump and by the looks of things, as we get started on the Judiciary Committee side, they won’t be getting any better either.

And if things are going downhill for Trump, that means things are going downhill for those who are attempting to defend him in these hearings, as well.

It’s pretty safe to say that the GOP Representatives present throughout these proceedings haven’t conducted themselves in a way you’d be proud to write home to mom about.

Since the hearings have gone public, we’ve witnessed a plethora of these Republican goons make complete and total asswipes out of themselves all for the benefit of Donald Trump — bearing witness to tactics ranging from unhinged rants meant to derail the proceedings, to tirades about Trump nudes, to certain GOP members being publicly implicated in the scandal on record.

Truly, it’s been a real cluster.

After already going one round with the House Intelligence Committee, you would think these people would finally begin to understand that their nonsense will be promptly shut down inside these hearings. But, then again, these are Trump supporters we’re talking about. I don’t suppose we should be giving them too much credit in that regard.

Either way, one of the Trump sycophants that we’ve all grown to love to hate, Matt Gaetz, ended up joining his good pal Jim Jordan today in receiving some good old fashioned humiliation.

While Jim got shut down by a powerful woman on the committee for attempting to silence her, Matt found himself called out on his own hypocrisy once again when he attempted to smear Hunter Biden for his past substance abuse.

The only kicker is — the dude literally has a DUI.

Seriously, there’s a billboard in his home state about it.

To say the least, Gaetz was rather visibly uncomfortable when Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) called him out as the “pot calling the kettle black,” for all of the hearing room as well as America to hear.

But, being the egotistical fuckwit that he is, ol’ Matty really does not want to admit that.

“I didn’t pay much attention to it,” the GOP Rep. attempted to convince the masses when he spoke with CNN’s Manu Raju. “I’m focused on the president… I don’t think Americans are hanging on a traffic incident I had a decade ago.”

But it’s cool that we hang on to what Hunter did, right? It’s cool that he characterizes Biden’s incident as a drug problem, but his own drunk driving as a “traffic incident,” right?

Has he heard the saying about the pot and the kettle? Because I don’t think he understands it.

Either way, we’ve got the video, Matt. And unlike you, video footage doesn’t lie… And that doesn’t look anything like a dude that’s not paying any attention.

Feel free to go ahead and put this on repeat:

Featured image via screen capture

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