Matt Gaetz’s First Major Staff Member Has Reportedly Resigned “Out Of Principle” Amid Flurry Of Scandals

He is spiraling.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, things just keep getting worse and worse for Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz. It all started earlier this week when it was reported that Gaetz was eyeing an early departure from Congress to jumpstart a career in Conservative media. However, after the revelations that flowed in behind Matt’s potential career change, it seems the GOP Rep. may have a difficult time finding anywhere that’s willing to take his scandal-ridden behind.

On the heels of the reports signaling Gaetz’s potential career change, multiple allegations made their way into the spotlight and Gaetz’s already shaky reputation has been rapidly rolling downhill ever since.

In less than a week, the Republican Rep. has been accused of being involved with and potentially paying a 17-year-old girl to travel with him, which may be a violation of sex trafficking laws, allegedly shared nude photos of women he’d had relations with to impress his colleagues, was determined to be involved in a fake ID scandal according to investigators, and multiple women alleged to the FBI that he paid them for sex acts. Many other allegations involving improper conduct and even drug use have come to light as well.


To say the very least, the guy is pretty much screwed. And it seems that his people know it.

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing reports that Matt Gaetz has now officially lost his first major staff member in the wake of his numerous scandals after Gaetz’s communications director, Luke Ball, resigned from his position “out of principle.” This move left Gaetz without a communications director in the midst of what will likely be the biggest, most scandalous crisis of his lifetime.

Of course, Gaetz has continued to assert his innocence, even seemingly dragging Fox News’ Tucker Carlson into his mess during an awkward interview on the host’s segment. However, thus far, only Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene have come out in support of their GOP colleague.

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