Mayor Of Salem Responds To Trump After POTUS Compares Impeachment Hearings To Salem Witch Trials: “Learn Some History”

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Yesterday, as Trump grappled with the fact that he would almost assuredly be impeached by the House of Representatives this evening — after a day and a half of debates, on the heels of weeks of public and private hearings and testimonies, complete with several damning witness testimonies against Trump — Donald coped with his anxieties by penning a missive aimed at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in which he whined and complained about the impeachment process against him and essentially begged Nancy to drop it before his name and reputation was forever marred with the label of “impeached.”

In the process of his immature, dictator-esque rant, Trump fell back on one of his most favorite tactics — comparing his self-inflicted troubles to that of real atrocities in history. This time, Donald’s comparison came in the form of the thousands of innocent individuals who lost their lives in the Salem Witch Trials during the late 1600s.

Addressing Madam Speaker directly in his epistle, Trump accused the Democratic party of having “cheapened the importance of the very ugly word” and claimed that “more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials.”


It’s not an unusual tactic out of the president, as he tends to regularly compare his perceived sufferings to that of slaves, assassinated presidents, and service members.

However, this time, Trump found himself properly schooled over his improper and downright ridiculous comparison — by none other than the mayor of Salem, Massachusetts herself.

Responding to the president’s tantrum on Twitter, Mayor Kim Driscoll called on number 45 to “learn some history.”

Captioning a tweet of Donald’s 6-page letter, Driscoll stated, “Oy vey…again Learn some history: 1) Salem 1692 = absence of evidence+powerless, innocent victims were hanged or pressed to death 2)#Ukrainegate 2019 = ample evidence, admissions of wrongdoing+perpetrators are among the most powerful+privileged,” signing the tweet, “Kim Driscoll, Mayor of Salem, MA.” 

In an appearance on CNN Tonight, the Salem mayor elaborated on her tweet aimed at the president.

“The whole point of the trials was that there was no rule of law, and you’re talking about fairly marginalized people who were accused victims,” Driscoll explained to CNN’s Don Lemon. “They were women, they were elderly, they were poor … Anyone who was different or odd in any way shape or form.”

“Versus 2019, we’ve got expressions of wrongdoing, we’ve got transcripts, we’ve got a rule of law — in fact, the most important rule of law, the Constitution of the United States — that’s serving as a guide.”

“It’s really disheartening,” she continued. “You never think you have to retell this history to a leader of this country, but to see both the president and his supporters using the witch trials is offensive to the descendants, those victims. Their legacy is being twisted in this way to sort of portray an innocent victim, when in fact, we’re going to have a pretty fair process.”

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Here’s the thing, Donald. If you find yourself burned at the stake, it’s a direct result of the things you absolutely did. Plain and simple.

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