Medical Professionals Are Signing A Letter Demanding Trump Take Action Regarding Protective Equipment

The time for action is NOW!

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This coronavirus ordeal has quickly gone from a disaster we were all side-eyeing from across the ocean to a worldwide pandemic that’s now brought the entirety of the United States to a screeching halt as we prepare to become the nation with the worst outbreak in the world — I’ll give you three guesses as to whose fault that is, but I’m willing to bet you’ll only need one.

The worst part of it all, though, is the fact that we can’t trust in our federal government enough to be able to just worry about the virus that’s threatening our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Because of the Trump administration’s dismal and frankly late response to the pandemic, we’re forced to worry about the effects this virus is having on our country — like the rampant racism against Asian-American communities brought on at the hands of our president, the massive crash in our economy, and the fact that I don’t think a single hospital in the United States can confidently say that they have enough medical equipment to combat coronavirus.

Trump could easily fix this issue and relieve at least one portion of the mass panic almost overnight if he’d just sign into effect the Defense Production Act, a law that allows the federal government to demand emergency production of equipment.

However, Trump cares a whole lot less about you and a whole lot more about the massive corporations that will still be there to line his pockets once all the dust settles — which has resulted in an overwhelming reluctance to put the act into effect after the bigwig company heads complained.

But all those people out there on the front lines of this pandemic, treating our sick and dying mothers and fathers, grandparents and friends, they don’t give a damn about those big-box corporations — they just want the proper equipment to save your loved ones and still be able to safely go back home to theirs.

And now they’re letting Trump know about it.

News broke last night that medical professionals across the nation are teaming up and slapping their John Hancock on a letter that demands immediate action from the Trump administration regarding the resounding lack of protective equipment needed to face COVID-19 safely.

“To President Trump and the Centers for Disease Control:” the letter opens. “As doctors, nurses and healthcare providers working every day on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19, we call on President Trump to take specific action to reduce the spread of this deadly and devastating pandemic.”

It then goes on to lay out in fine detail the three measures they’re calling for “based on medical and scientific consensus”

“We believe these three measures are essential to protecting and restoring the health and safety of our fellow Americans. They are vital to our national security and to our nation’s future,” the letter, signed by multiple medical professionals concludes. “These three measures, taken together, will save lives. If we do not enact these measures lives will be lost.”

“I urge President Trump and the federal government to take these actions immediately.”

If these measures aren’t taken, and soon, it’s my opinion and that of millions of others that the lives lost to coronavirus in the coming weeks will be on Trump’s hands alone.

You can read the full letter here.

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