Melania Cancels Her First Appearance With Trump Since Being Diagnosed With COVID And People Have Questions: “So She’s Still Sick And The One Who Went To The Hospital Feels Better Than Ever?”

She is either still sick or...

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It was reported Melania Trump was set to return to the campaign trail with Donald this Tuesday, but it seems like there are some complications that will prevent her from doing so. This would have been her first time campaigning with her husband in over a year. In fact, aside from her RNC speech, her efforts towards the President’s reelection bid have been minimal, at best.

Considering how behind Donald is in this election, he was probably desperate to get Melania back on the campaign trail with him as he needs all the help he can muster right now. The rest of the Trump spawns are being let loose in battleground states, even Tiffany is being thrust upon the world to rally support, for better or worse. There were some issues, however, with Melania’s scheduled return and she reportedly will no longer be joining Donald in his massive amount of rallies with only 14 days left as of today. The reason for her absence is being reported as a “lingering cough,” and that lingering cough is more than likely COVID-19 related.

Melania tested positive for COVID-19 in early October, along with Donald and many other White House staff, probably as a result of the event known now as the Rose Garden Massacre. However, Melania stated plainly that she has since recovered and even offered obvious advice such as, get this, eating healthy food. This refusal to return to the campaign trail could mean a couple of things, the most likely is that she is still suffering the effects of coronavirus and it was a display of false strength to say she recovered flawlessly. Social media really isn’t buying it, whatever the case may be:

Featured image via Flickr/The White House, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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