Melania Does Not Seem Amused After Trump Suggests They Go “Say Hello” To The Crowd At RNC

The Third Lady is not thrilled about mingling with the commoners during a pandemic.

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Melania Trump appeared to flash a brief moment of panic after her husband Donald Trump suggested they go mingle with the unmasked RNC Convention crowd at Fort McHenry.

Over 180,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus and the number of infections in the United States has topped 6 million. Yes, we are still very much in a pandemic. But that didn’t stop Trump and the GOP from staging a crowded event on the third disastrous and embarrassing night of the Republican National Convention.

Trump and his wife did not have to be there as the nominee usually only attends on the final night to accept the nomination.


But Trump’s need to flout ethics rules and associate himself with as many American landmarks as possible resulted in his attendance. Fort McHenry is the location of bombardment by the British during the War of 1812. The bombardment was witnessed by Francis Scott Key, who penned the Star-Spangled Banner.

Such a historical place should not be politicized, but Trump did it anyway.

At the conclusion of the event, however, when Trump suggested to Melania that they get off the stage and mingle with convention attendees, Melania was not amused.

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Once again, it should be pointed out that we are still dealing with a pandemic and the attendees at the RNC Convention were not wearing masks. Melania knows full well that mingling at this time is risky to one’s health. She may not have any problem with her husband contracting a deadly virus, but that doesn’t mean she wants to risk her own health. Besides, she married Trump so she would not have to mingle with mere commoners, right?

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