Melania Reportedly Broke Mask Policy At Children’s Hospital After She Removed Her Mask To Read Book To Children

She really doesn't care.

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There’s simply no denying that no member of the Trump administration has truly taken this coronavirus pandemic seriously, even after suffering through the effects of the virus personally. And outgoing First Lady Melania Trump herself made it crystal clear that even in her final days as someone even remotely relevant, she still doesn’t really care.

Today, Melania paid a visit to Children’s National Hospital where she reportedly flippantly broke the hospital’s strict mask rule amid the pandemic.

According to a new report from CNN, the soon-to-be-ex First Lady visited the children’s hospital, as is tradition for her around this time of year, to read children who are patients of the hospital a Christmas book.

The report claims that Melania was wearing a mask when she entered the hospital’s main atrium, but upon sitting down in front of a Christmas tree she removed the mandated face covering, ultimately breaking the children’s hospital’s rules, despite allegedly practicing social distancing during her time there.

The hospital’s policy says “Everyone must wear a mask at all times while in any Children’s National facility to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

That strict policy also includes “wearing a mask when entering any Children’s National building, as mandated by area officials. This includes all public places, such as the hallway and cafeteria,” as well as “wearing a mask at all times when you are around other individuals.”

So far, neither the hospital nor the First Lady’s office has responded to requests for comments, or questions regarding why Melania removed her mask, or if she was given special permission by the hospital to do so.

CNN reports that the hospital Christmas event was significantly scaled back compared to previous years and most children participated via a live stream of the reading. However, Melania did arrive with 6-year-old Riley Whitney and 8-year-old Sophia Martinez, both of whom were seated on the floor in front of her as she read the holiday story.

While Melania removed her face covering, other attendees of the First Lady’s event, including some high-level members of the hospital, wore face coverings, some with protective face and/or eye shields.

“It is wonderful to be here. This is one of my favorite events during the holiday time and I’m very excited and looking forward to reading a book,” Melania said as she arrived at the book reading. “I’m thinking of you all. Stay strong and well and Merry Christmas and happy holidays.”

The outgoing First Lady read the book, Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey, before exiting the hospital to Mariah Carey’s, All I Want for Christmas is You, still maskless.

You can watch the clip here:

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