Melania Trump Has Us Wondering If She Wants Back In The Spotlight After Making Two Flashy Appearances With Her Husband At Back To Back Gala Events

Does Melania want back in?

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Let’s be frank here — Melania Trump never seemed all too fond of her life in the White House. Now, we don’t know why that way. Perhaps it was the stress, her husband’s attitude and behavior, or the constant (and deserved) criticism that made the now-former First Lady grin from ear to ear when she finally left the White House for the last time.

Or… Just maybe… Melania wasn’t fond of Donald’s presidency, because it put her playing second fiddle to her husband’s spotlight.

For quite some time after their White House departure, Melania Trump appeared to be living a rather quiet life. You never really heard much about her, and even less actually from her. Occasionally, she would be spotted out and about with her only son and a designer bag in tow, but she certainly didn’t seem to be putting herself out there by any stretch of the means.

That is, until now, it seems.

After appearing to lay low for so long, it looks as though the former “model” turned former First Lady is starting to get out and about again.

A new report from the Daily Mail says Melania Trump was recently spotted at not one, but two glamorous, back-to-back gala events with her ex-presidential husband, and it’s got us wondering if Mel is starting to crave the attention again.

Last week, the 51-year-old former First Lady was spotted at two different glitzy Mar-a-Lago events on her husband’s arm, as rumors continue to swirl about a possible third stab at the White House on Donald’s part in the 2024 election.

In fact, Melania’s newly-rediscovered public appearances came just a few days before her husband appeared on Fox News and said he is “certainly thinking about” throwing his hat into the 2024 ring — though, he did seem to imply that he’s first going to gauge the Democratic performance in 2022 before doing anything official.

“I think a lot of people will be very happy, frankly, with the decision, and probably will announce that after the midterms,” Trump said on his Fox appearance.

In the year since her husband’s brutal election loss, Melania’s lack of public support for her spouse has raised suspicions that she doesn’t want Donald back in the White House. As recently as September, one source told CNN “Being First Lady again is not what she wants. For her, it was a chapter – and it’s over, and that’s that.”

Another inside source stated, “You’re not going to see her at rallies or campaign events, even if he ‘officially’ says he’s running again.”

But Melania’s flashy appearance at the recent back-to-back events now has people wondering if she’s starting to miss all the attention.

Melania first attended an America First Policy Institute fundraiser and just two days later made an appearance at the Spirit of Lincoln Gala, where she was awarded the Spirit of Lincoln Award. The former President and First Lady were both full of smiles and appeared in high spirits at both of the Mar-a-Lago events, with Melania even giving an extensive speech at the Spirit of Lincoln gala, upon receiving her award.

Before these two events, Melania’s last public appearance with her husband was at the recent World Series game last month, where she was caught making a rather nasty face in his presence. Hours after the game, Trump hosted a Halloween bash, full of many a notable face, with his wife’s nowhere to be seen. Before that, she was last seen out in July, when she was spotted with Barron in NYC.

You can check out all the photos of Melania’s recent outings from the Daily Mail here.

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