Melania Trump Is Reportedly Setting Up An Office At Mar-A-Lago To Maintain Her “Be Best” Campaign

Does she know her husband encouraged an insurrection?

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Melania Trump — the least popular first lady in modern history — seemed to want to get out of the White House as soon as possible. After all,  she didn’t seem to embrace her role as the first lady. Most Americans’ jaws dropped when she launched her “Be Best” anti-cyberbullying campaign since her husband was the biggest bully on the internet before he was deplatformed. Well, Melania must think she really had something there since her post-White House plans are to establish an office to “maintain Be Best,” according to CNN.

“Trump often did little to help clarify or expand on her platform during her time in the White House, often going weeks between Be Best-focused public events,” the report states. “The East Wing policy office was not robustly staffed, at times sat vacant, and at most had one full-time, dedicated East Wing employee.”

“Trump’s post-White House office will consist of three of her White House staff members,” according to what sources told CNN. “Hayley D’Antuono served for four years as the former first lady’s director of operations and trip supervisor, and is now Trump’s chief of staff.”

“Both sources indicate Trump’s office is for now functioning out of former President Donald Trump’s private club, Mar-a-Lago, which also is where the former first family is living, and the staff members are at times working remotely,” the report adds.”Melania Trump is looking for separate office space in the Palm Beach area.”

Melania’s “Be Best” campaign is laughable since Donald Trump just attempted a coup after being soundly beaten by the current president. Trump still has not conceded the race he lost to Joe Biden. And Melania Trump refused to meet with Dr. Jill Biden before the 20th, a tradition that shows the peaceful transition of power. She’s pretty much just like her husband since he refused to meet with Joe Biden — and both of them refused to go to the Inauguration.

As mentioned above, Melania has the lowest approval rating as the first lady in modern history. And that’s something she has in common with her husband since he was the least popular president in the history of polling.

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