Melania Trump Just Released Her “Farewell Message” And Americans Are Not Impressed: “30 Seconds In And I Had To Stop Watching”

She really has nerve...

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The time is finally upon us ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary friends. The Trump reign of terror on this nation is finally coming to a close. In just two short days, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as President of the United States and we can all finally work towards removing the stain on this country that was his predecessor. Even amid all the drama and nonsense that’s taken place the last couple of weeks, it’s hard to contain our excitement here at Political Tribune. To have a President and First Lady that care about the people of this country will be a breath of fresh air that we’ve all been dying for, for far too long.

Yet, unsurprisingly, the Trump family is still being as immature and hypocritical as ever.

Just earlier today, we reported that Melania Trump is allegedly taking a page from her hubby’s petty playbook and refusing to give Jill Biden the customary tour of the White House living quarters as the outgoing First Lady. And this afternoon, Mel released a video of her “farewell message” to the American people and it only served to make her look that much worse.


In the video message, Melania touched on everything from servicemen and women, the police force in the United States, foster children, the pandemic, her “Be Best” campaign, and even violence in this country, of course, without mentioning that most of it stems directly from her husband. To make a long story short, all of it was sanctimonious garbage spewing from one of the most hypocritical mouths this country has ever had the displeasure of knowing.

See for yourself:

As you would expect, people were not impressed:

Girl, bye.

Featured image via screen capture

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