Melania Trump Seems Comfortable In Her New Post WH Life, Enrolled Barron In Exclusive Private School As Her Husband Keeps Trying To Fight His Way Back To DC

Something tells me she doesn't want to go back.

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Throughout Trump’s four years in the White House, we always had a sneaking suspicion that his third wife Melania Trump wasn’t exactly fond of being there. Of course, she never came outright and said so — frankly, God only knows how her husband would’ve reacted if she had. However, more than a few hints pretty much gave it away throughout Donald’s term.

I mean, it took literal months for the woman to even move into the White House with her spouse. During their time there, Melania showed what could only be described as disinterest on multiple occasions, especially during some of his speaking events. Several different times, she appeared to rebuff Donald’s attempts to hold her hand. And there towards the end, when the Trumps knew that Donald had officially lost his bid for reelection, it seemed as though Mel couldn’t get out of there fast enough. In fact, I think the biggest smile I’ve ever see on that woman’s face came when they arrived at Mar-a-Lago and she knew her time in Washington had finally come to an end.

Since their White House eviction notice earlier this year, Donald has continued to make as big an ass out of himself as humanly possible in an attempt to crawl his way back through whatever means he can dream up. But his wife, on the other hand, doesn’t seem so eager to return. Over the past eight months, Melania Trump has seemingly been living her best life, with her minor son Barron tagging along. Frankly, Mel doesn’t just seem okay with her new life, she seems to be genuinely comfortable.


So much so that reports now indicate that the former First Lady has enrolled her teenage son in an exclusive private school in Palm Beach, Florida, just around the corner from their Mar-a-Lago resort — leading us to believe that the ex-White House inhabitant is all too happy to put down roots in the South, despite her husband’s desperate claw back up to DC.

A spokesperson for the elite Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach released a statement earlier this week announcing the young former First Son’s enrollment in their establishment.

The school’s Director of Advancement Scott Siegfried said, “We look forward to welcoming him into our school and community.”

The enrollment was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Trumps but no further comments were given.

Oxbridge’s website shows that enrollment to their high school will run you $34,800 for the 2021-2022 school year.

Melania has been rather quiet since her White House departure and stays pretty low-key these days and this newest development seems a whole lot to me like confirmation that no matter what her hubby wants, Melania Trump doesn’t have any desire to go back to her previous political life.

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