Melania Trump Seems To Be Taking A Page From Her Husband’s Playbook, Reportedly Skipping Time-Honored Tradition With Jill Biden

She's just as petty as he is.

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The Trumps have seemingly made it the mission of their administration to do everything as different from their predecessors as possible. During his presidency, that meant overturning every Obama-era policy he could get his grubby hands on while bragging about how much better he is at everything than the guy who came before him. But as his first and only term comes to a close, Trump’s hatred for his predecessor combined with his deep-seated bitterness over his loss has translated into a refusal to adhere to virtually any of the time-honored traditions that come with a peaceful transfer of power — including attending his successor’s inauguration. And now it seems that Donald’s wife Melania is pulling a page straight from her husband’s petty playbook when it comes to her traditional duties as the outgoing First Lady.

Penning a piece for CNN Opinion, Kate Andersen Brower reports that Melania Trump will go down in history as the only modern-day First lady to skip the time-honored tradition of offering the incoming First Lady a tour of the White House’s private living quarters on the second and third floors.

“…This tradition has long been one of the first lady’s many unwritten obligations. And Melania Trump has discarded it,” Brower wrote. “It’s perhaps unsurprising that Melania Trump has flouted a social norm of her position. Every one-term president — and his wife — have felt the sting of defeat, but unlike her husband, none of them have refused to accept the election results.”


Brower goes on to note in her piece that traditions matter in our society, what is considered and expected as normal and civil behavior matters.

“These visits make the presidency — and all the family roles that go with it — more connected to the humanity of the people who hold them,” Brower penned, noting that former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama will all be in attendance at Biden’s upcoming inauguration before heading to a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery — all of which will be attended by former First Lady’s Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“This display of unity will bring Melania Trump’s decision to do away with tradition into stark relief,” Brower notes.

According to a new poll from CNN, a hearty 47 percent of Americans now view Melania Trump unfavorably. Gee, I wonder why.

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