Melania Was Reportedly So “Offended” By Vogue Editor-In-Chief’s Visit With Trump After His 2016 That The First Lady Flat-Out Ignored Her

She's such a brat.

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According to a new report from Business Insider, Melania Trump was so damn mad that longtime Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was paying a visit to her hubby Donald Trump after his 2016 victory, apparently without telling his 3rd wife about her plans, that Mel actually flat out ignored Wintour while she was there.

Fashion and culture journalist Amy Odell has penned a new book titled, Anna: The Biography, in which Odell tells of a revelation from Melania Trump’s former best friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who claimed that the now-former First Lady was “so offended” by Wintour’s snub that Melania “didn’t even say hello” when the longtime, world-renowned Vogue editor-in-chief showed up at Trump Tower.

Odell writes that upon Trump’s victory, Wintour “begrudgingly reached out” to her long-term acquaintance, Donald’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump, to arrange the meeting with the president-elect.

“Melania didn’t understand that she had been invited to Anna’s events not because she was a friend, but simply because she had appeared on the February 2005 cover of Vogue,” Odell writes in Anna: The Biography, referring to Melania Trump’s cover story that was released in Vogue ahead of her marriage to the real estate mogul and reality TV “star.”

Odell goes on to note that Wintour’s team actually “tried twice, once before Trump’s inauguration and once after, to photograph Melania for Vogue. But in part, since they wouldn’t guarantee a cover, Melania wouldn’t do it.”

Winston Wolkoff alleged in her own tell-all book that was released in 2020 that when Melania was asked to appear in a Vogue profile, she said: “I don’t give a fuck about Vogue or any other magazine. They would never put me on the cover. All these people are so mad.”

Such a bitter little woman.

Read the full report from Business Insider here.

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