Michael Cohen’s New Book Will Reportedly Reveal Trump Made “Virulently Racist” Comments About Obama

Sounds like Trump's racism is worse than what we've already heard so far.

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Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen is writing a book about his corrupt boss that will reportedly reveal more and worse racist things Trump has said about former President Barack Obama and other black leaders.

Cohen is currently serving a sentence related to his involvement in Trump’s campaign finance crimes when he helped pay hush money to women Trump had extramarital affairs with. Case documents refer to Trump as “Individual 1,” which means Trump could be prosecuted after he leaves office.

But new court documents provide us with a glimpse of what Cohen’s planned book will reveal about Trump, with particular focus on his anti-Semitic and racist remarks over the years.

As we all know, Trump led the birther movement against Obama and has let his racist flag fly both before and throughout his own presidency.

While Cohen hasn’t offered any specific racist thing that Trump said as of yet, it’s apparently really bad.

“In particular, my book will provide graphic and unflattering details about the President’s behavior behind closed doors,” Cohen wrote according to the Washington Post. “[The memoir] describes the President’s pointedly anti-Semitic remarks and virulently racist remarks against such Black leaders as President Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, neither of whom he viewed as real leaders or as worthy of respect by virtue of their race.”

Trump’s niece Mary has also recounted her uncle’s racism, as have former employees who say he has an affinity for using the N-word. Trump himself has displayed his racism repeatedly in the White House, most notably by calling majority-black nations “sh*thole” countries and referring to Black Lives Matter protesters as “thugs” while defending police brutality against black people.

Trump also refuses to place Obama’s portrait in the White House — not that Obama would want him at such a ceremony anyway.

Clearly, Cohen’s book would shine further light on Trump’s racism, and maybe that’s why Attorney General Bill Barr had him put in jail again to prevent his book from being published until after the election.

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