Micheal Cohen Offers Up His Startling Opinion Of A Twitter-Less Donald Trump: “Donald Trump Would Rather Burn Down The White House, Than Turn Over The Keys.”

This is going to be bad.

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It’s certainly no secret that reality is closing in on Donald Trump. With just 11 days left in his presidency, Trump has watched his advisors and various officials drop off like flies with resignation letters in protest of the actions committed by Trump’s supporters in the Capitol riot. Now, thanks to Donald’s actions and rhetoric that led to this attack and his thinly-veiled complicit behavior as they were underway, Democrats are drawing up articles of impeachment against him — again — in an effort to ensure that he is never able to destroy this country in this way again.

But to make matters even worse for an already disgruntled and distraught Donald Trump, the one thing that was so very precious to him has been taken away. And no, I am not talking about his children or even some prized personal possession of his. I am talking about his Twitter account.

After a 12-hour ban from the platform for what they felt was efforts to stoke violence, Trump was able to return for only just a brief moment before he was back at it with the same style of tweets and Twitter decided that enough was enough — Donald Trump has finally earned himself a lifetime ban from his favorite social media platform. Last night, Twitter was forced to thwart Donald’s numerous attempts to rejoin the platform via other profiles, proving to him that his time with the site is officially over — effectively cutting off the only way Trump has ever really had to peddle his dangerous nonsense. And it seems to be driving him insane.


Appearing on The New Abnormal, Trump’s former personal attorney and “fixer” Micheal Cohen weighed in with his opinion on what a Twitter-less, unhinged Donald Trump truly means. And folks, it’s not pretty.

“I am certain that Donald Trump is psychotic right now,” Cohen stated, pointedly warning, “Donald Trump would rather burn down the White House, then turn over the keys.”

Cohen went on to explain the differences between the time he spent working with Trump in comparison to the “seditious acts” committed by Trump supporters at the Capitol. Cohen was firm in his assertion that there was no comparison.

“I did work for him. And what did I do? I paid $130,000, you know, to keep quiet. The fact that the president got his pecker pulled by a porn star, seriously?” the former attorney stated, adding, “And you want to compare that to the seditious acts of these Proud Boys, of the Wolverine Watchmen and all these other crazy groups? You can’t compare the two.”

Also in on the conversation was veteran Democratic strategist James Carville who took the opportunity to call upon the Biden administration to make Trump pay for his transgressions, ultimately issuing an ultimatum to the Democratic party: “If they’re not going to look at [Trump’s crimes], I’m going to resign from the Democratic party,” Carville said. “If it’s not an impeachable offense to encourage a mob, to interfere with a constitutionally mandated congressional procedure, then there’s nothing impeachable.”

Thus far, it is still unclear how the Biden administration will handle the process of holding Donald Trump accountable for all the harm he has done. However, Democrats in Congress are marching forward with articles of impeachment against Trump, for the second time, in the hopes of preventing him from ever becoming president again.

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