Michelle Obama Is Reportedly Stepping In To The 2020 Election And It’s Going To Make Trump Pretty Unhappy

Now this will put a smile on your face.

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If there’s one tiny ray of sunshine in this pandemic for President Donald J. Trump, it’s the fact that he has one tiny sliver of hope to hang onto in his quest to be reelected and keep himself out of prison: That people might be too scared to physically go out and vote, and he can spread lies about mail-in voting that will cause Republican legislatures across the country to do their best to suppress efforts to allow absentee ballots in large numbers or even nationwide.

In all honesty, if the election is anything that even resembles fair, Democrats should be handing Republicans their asses across the board. After all, Trump is the least popular president in the history of polling, the Republicans in Congress are historically unpopular, we’re in the middle of a pandemic that could have been at least mitigated somewhat by just acting a little sooner, we’re firmly ensconced in an economic recession bordering on a Depression, and nearly 40 million Americans have lost their jobs, with more than half that number having also lost their health insurance.

But if Trump can somehow finagle his way into preventing mail-in voting, he might stand a chance.


Enter Michelle Obama. A new report in the Washington Post says that she’s about to make waves in this election, and do it in the kind of way that made her husband such an effective politician: Community organizing.

On Thursday, Michelle Obama took her first concrete step toward being a factor in the 2020 election. Her nonpartisan voting initiative, When We All Vote, which she founded months before the 2018 midterms, announced a coalition of 31 mayors across the country who will be brainstorming and sharing lessons and practices about how to increase voter registration and civic engagement.”

That’s excellent news for voters hungry to see what kind of impact Trump’s polar opposites, the Obamas, might have on this election. Mrs. Obama pointed out in a Zoom call with her coalition that “This pandemic will likely have a significant impact on the November election and on how voters across the country cast their ballots. Already in state and local elections, we’ve seen voters forced to choose between protecting their health and making their voices heard. And that’s absolutely not acceptable.”

This news follows her husband Barack’s recent virtual commencement address, in which he implied that Trump was not a “grown-up” and that the president wasn’t “even pretending to be in charge” during the multi-front crises America is facing.

Whatever the odds were before, they can only improve by bringing in the big guns of Michelle and Barack Obama, who America still loves very much.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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