Mike Pence Seems To Get Snippy With CNN Host After He Grills Him Over Trump’s Apparent Soft Spot For QAnon

Seems like Pence didn't want to talk about that.

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Recently, Donald Trump pulled one of his trademark stunts when refused to denounce QAnon and specifically their most recent conspiracy theory claiming that the entire Democratic party is a massive Satanic cult, flush with cannibals and pedophiles who drink baby blood to stay fit and young.

I would act like I’m surprised but honestly, I’m tired as hell and this is the “very fine people on both sides” guy, so I’m out of astonishment for this administration and I’m just ready to get off this ride.

However, equally unsurprising, was Mike Pence’s unwillingness to talk about the fact that his boss wasn’t keen on criticizing these crackshit conspiracy theories.

During a segment on CNN with host John Berman, Trump’s Vice President got rather snippy after Berman pressed him as to why Trump’s declined the opportunity to denounce such an insane theory and the group from which it came.

“You said he embraced that, I didn’t hear that,” Pence stated, despite the fact that Trump very clearly boasted about the love QAnon people have for him and praised them for “loving” America. “I heard the president talk about he appreciates those who support him.”

“Do you believe they love America?” Berman pressed.

“I don’t know anything about that conspiracy theory, John,” Pence shot back.

But Berman wasn’t backing down, asking, “How can you not know about it given it’s so much in the news?”

“Honestly, John, I just — I don’t know anything about that,” Pence said, seemingly irritated with the topic. “I have heard about it, we dismiss conspiracy theories around here.”

Deeper into the interview, Pence accused the network of “chasing shiny objects” when Berman began to question the VP about the president’s apparent love for a conspiracy theory that the FBI has repeatedly warned could inspire domestic terrorism.

But Berman was having none of it, firing back at the VP, “This is not a shiny object!”

Boy, do I long for the days where reputable news networks don’t have to question our vice president as to why our president is so in love with half-baked, insane conspiracy theories.

You can watch the clip here:

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