Mike Pence Will Reportedly Not Be Attending Trump’s Send Off And Neither Will Other Notable Republican Officials

Trump will be FURIOUS over this.

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Donald Trump, in his blatant desperation to stay as relevant as possible for as long as possible, has all but demanded a large send-off tomorrow at Andrews Air Force base as he wraps up his last few moments as President of the United States — that he hopes to see full of his supporters and allies. But already it’s clear that things likely won’t be going down as he has imagined, as not even his own Vice President is going to show up.

But to make matters even worse for the pouty, soon-to-be-ex president, Pence isn’t showing because he’s attending Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey says Pence “is not expected to attend” Donald Trump’s big sendoff event because it would be “logistically challenging” for him to make Trump’s event as well as Joe Biden’s inauguration.


The relationship between Trump and his right-hand man Pence has crumbled since Donald asserted that his VP had the power to overthrow or somehow stop the Congressional certification of the Electoral votes for Joe Biden, which he did not, and didn’t end up even attempting to do on Trump’s behalf.

To make a bad relationship even worse, Trump expressed his anger with Pence over his refusal to effect the Congressional vote in some way, which trickled down into anger from his supporters, who stormed the Capitol building chanting “Hang Mike Pence!”

To add to that, The Hill reports that other notable GOP figures, such as recently demoted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are not expected to attend Trump’s sendoff event either, also citing logistical issues between the sendoff event and Joe Biden’s inauguration.

McCarthy and McConnell have also reportedly been invited by Biden to attend a pre-inauguration church service.

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In the end, it’s expected that Trump’s event will only be attended by his family, his closest aides, and some supporters, as the majority of the GOP flees from his sinking ship.

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